Beekeeping Classes for Kids

Teach your kids about the importance of bees!

Although your kids are welcome to attend our adult bee classes if they are 8 years or older, we also offer classes geared towards children specifically! If you are interested in having us speak with your classroom, school assembly, youth group, summer camp etc. please contact us.

Our presentations incorporate fun games plus, visual and hands on learning tools (including part of a living bee colony) to keep the kids engaged and learning! The focus of the presentation can be tailored to suit different age groups and/or curriculum requirements such as the common core. Our standard presentation is best for children ages 5 to 10 and covers:

  • What a beekeeper does
  • Pollination (interactive game)
  • Honey
  • What’s in the hive?
  • Types of bees
  • Bee lifecycle
  • Bee Jobs (interactive game)
  • How to help bees at home!
  • Q & A

Themes we have integrated into specialized presentations include ecosystems, agriculture, the food web and sustainability. We have even used the social structure of the beehive as a platform for teaching children developmental lessons like cooperation, responsibility, sharing, and working towards a common goal.

If you have an older group of kids- no problem! Just contact us and we can develop a presentation that is suited to their age and/or curriculum needs. Children younger than 5 may have a hard time grasping the presentation material, but if they are in a mixed age group, they tend to do better.

The price for a presentation starts at $120 and may be higher depending on location, number of kids and the desired duration. Most presentations run 40-90 minutes.

Your kids will be buzzing with excitement and new knowledge! Contact us today!

We are always working on creating more resources for educating kids about bees so please continue to check this page for new handouts and activity sheets.

Honey Bee Activity Sheet

Neighborhood Honey Bee Field Report