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Girl Next Door Honey offers 100% live bee removals for San Diego City and surrounding areas. We will carefully remove your bee swarm or established bee colony and relocated it so that the bees can lead happy, healthful lives in a new space where they aren’t a nuisance to anyone! We never use pesticides or poisons. We only offer humane bee removal. Our policy is, if you receive a quote from a pest control company who will exterminate the bees for less, we will match their price and save the bees! (*Excludes roof, attic or chimney removals).

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Every bee rescue is unique. Prices are based on the size of the colony, the amount of time the bees have been living there and how difficult it is to access the bees for removal. For the quickest reply, call or text 619-921-8189 with this information and we will give you an estimate.

Alternatively, you can submit a request for a quote via email by filling out the form below. Please include any pictures you may have so that we can better assist you.


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