Need one-on-one help with your bees? No problem! Schedule an appointment with Hilary and she’ll come to you.

Examples of what Hilary can help you with:

  • -Selecting the best location for bees on your property
  • -Installing new packages of bees
  • -Transferring wild colonies into proper bee boxes
  • -Swarm catches
  • -Troubleshooting problems with your colony
  • -Honey Harvests
  • -Routine Hive Inspections
  • -Requeening
  • -Africanized or aggressive colonies
  • -Correcting cross comb
  • -Making nucs or splits
  • -Post Mortem Analysis (if you lost your colony)

We find the personalized mentoring combined with classes is the best way to prepare yourself for success as a new and even intermediate beekeeper. This service is $60 an hour (additional travel cost may apply depending on your location). Email us today or call (619) 921-8189 to schedule or for an estimate on how long your session will likely be.