201 Hive Inspection Class

201 Honeycomb

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Join us for a hands-on beekeeping class! This is the second class in Hilary‚Äôs beekeeping series and it is designed to get you comfortable working your bees! You will have the opportunity to work the hives we inspect with Hilary’s supervision and guidance. Learn how to properly protect yourself from the bees, how to use a smoker and what to look for when inspecting your hive. This class requires protective clothing! If you do not yet have your bee suit, don’t worry, we have suits you can borrow.

Although this class will always cover the basics, it’s not just for beginners! We will inspect multiple colonies and this often affords participants a glimpse into unique beekeeping scenarios they might not otherwise have the chance to see and learn from. One colony may be a brand new swarm, while the other is several years old. One colony may have a brood disease, while the other is especially healthy. We may install a new queen or correct some cross-comb. We’ve even gone on a field trip to catch a swarm in the middle of this class! You never know what situations may arise and for that reason many students choose to and are encouraged to take this class multiple times.

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  • 2 Hours
  • Location varies
  • This class is hands on, bee suits will be provided – BYO gloves.
  • No children under 8 will be permitted.