Honey Harvest Workshop

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From: $65.00

Join us for the sweetest part of beekeeping! Hilary will conduct a short lecture that covers when, what and how to harvest. Then, things will get a little sticky as we move into the hands on segment and process a batch of honey! This part of the workshop will cover both the ‘crush and strain’ method and the extraction method (which uses centrifugal force to spin the honey out of the combs). We will also spend some time talking about how to properly store your honey, different packaging options and ways to use your honey before finishing up with beeswax rendering.

Honey harvesting is usually not recommended with first year beehives, but if you are anxious to learn how it works, it’s never too early to start practicing!

  • 2-3 Hours
  • Clairemont, San Diego
  • This class is hands on but there will be no live bees.
  • No children under 8 will be permitted.