Events Calendar

We offer fun, hands-on events for beekeepers and thrill-seekers alike. Take a beekeeping class or get up close and personal with bees on our beehive tours.

Kids Presentations

We teach kids about the important of bees! Our presentations include fun games, tons of astonishing bee facts, honey tasting and live bees!

Backyard Bees

Get started with your own backyard beehive! Sign up for one of our management packages and you can enjoy backyard bees  without doing any of the work.

Buy Cool Stuff

Support our work and look good doing it! Check out our online shop for cute bee-themed apparel, unique bee suits, educational tools, gift certificates and more.

Our Mission

Girl Next Door Honey is more than just raw and local, it’s made in backyard hives—maybe even your neighbor’s yard! That’s the concept behind Girl Next Door Honey. We integrate bees into the local ecosystem through a network of backyard hives instead of lumping them together on some distant apiary.

The bees live as they naturally would and their benefits reach more people. Our goal is to raise San Diego’s bee population throughout the city and at the same time spread awareness among the community. Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbors, friends, family and the community at large about the importance of bees.

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