Corporate Apiaries


Add beehives to your corporate campus! We design, install and manage custom apiaries for San Diego’s leading corporations.

Not only are honey bees important pollinators, they are an incredible example of teamwork. As part of our corporate beekeeping program, we offer classes, hands-on beehive experiences and honey tastings for employees. We love to share the amazing lessons we have learned from the bees. 

When you work with Girl Next Door Honey, you are working woman owned business with 12 years of local, San Diego based, beekeeping experience. Contact us at (619) 921-8189 or

Your Support of Honey Bees Won’t Go Unnnoticed!

Girl Next Door Honey founder and author Hilary Kearney has fans all over the world. With 3 books and over 100K followers on Instagram, she is one of the original beekeeping influencers. We offer unique social media perks not available anywhere else.