Beekeeping Classes for Kids

Kids love bees – they just don’t know it yet!

Are you a parent, teacher or youth group leader looking for unique educational programming in the San Diego area? You’re in the right place. We love teaching kids about bees so much, we have two options to choose from.

Option 1: Classroom Bee Presentation 


Meet a real beekeeper!

We bring the educational fun to  your classroom or park of choice.

Our standard presentation is $250* It’s best for ages 5-10 and typically runs 40-90 minutes. You may have as many kids and parents present as you like. It include games, sensory experiences and a part of a living bee hive (enclosed). The focus of the presentation can be tailored to suit a specific curriculum requirement such as the common core.

*An additional travel fee may apply depending on your location.



  • What a beekeeper does
  • Pollination (interactive game)
  • Honey – What’s in the hive?
  • Types of bees (interactive game)
  • Bee lifecycle – Bee Jobs (interactive game)
  • How to help bees at home!
  • Q & A
  • A honey tasting

Have an older or younger group? Need to cover a specific theme?

No problem! We offer custom presentations for any age. Just contact us and we can develop a presentation that is suited your curriculum needs. Themes we have integrated into specialized presentations include ecosystems, agriculture, the food web and sustainability. We have even used the social structure of the beehive as a platform for teaching children developmental lessons like cooperation, responsibility, sharing, and working towards a common goal.

We also offer this presentation via Zoom! 

If you’re not local or just prefer to meet online we offer that too! Our online kid’s bee presentations are a flat rate of $150. 

Option 2: Private Beehive Tour for Kids!



Get your kids suited up and fully immersed in the world of bees! Our beehive tours offer the chance to get up close and personal with bees as you learn all about them. Plus, we end the tour with a honey tasting. Our unique apiary tours are a great boding experience for families or youth groups. Who doesn’t want to go on a field trip to a bee yard and pretend to be beekeeper for a day?

About our tours:

Our private tours start at $354. We accommodate groups up to 12 people. If you have a larger group, we can schedule 2 back-to-back tours. The tours run 1 – 2 hours depending on the age and attention span of the kids. Since the tour involves live bees, everyone on the tour must wear a bee suit. Suits can be hot and uncomfortable, especially for young kids. Tours are usually best for children ages 7 and up, but we have worked with kids as young as 5.

Still have questions?

Just download of PDF information sheet. Find more in-depth information and answers to our most frequently asked questions.