Natural Beekeeping Classes 

Are you ready to get started on your beekeeping adventure? We’ve got you covered! Girl Next Door Honey offers a series of natural beekeeping classes for new and intermediate level beekeepers offered monthly in San Diego, California. Not sure what your schedule is yet? Be sure to read our cancellation policy before booking. 



“Just attended Hilary’s Intro to Beekeeping class — in a word: EXCELLENT. Hilary is really into bees and beekeeping, and it shows. The class was very well organized with a wealth of information on bees and beekeeping…” – Peter E.



“This girl knows bees. Her classes are extremely informative and she is very helpful. I learned so much and enjoy telling my family all about the things I have learned from her…” – K.G.


“I’m a new beekeeper and Hilary has really helped me. She goes through all of the steps and thoroughly shows you every aspect of hive life. Even though I had read many beekeeping books I learned a ton of new info…” – Jeremy H.