Live Bee Removal

Girl Next Door Honey offers live bee removals  and resuces for San Diego City and surrounding areas. We never use pesticides or poisons. We only offer humane bee removal. Help us save the bees! 

We Are Different From Other Removal Companies

High volume bee removal companies often don’t keep the bees they rescue and many are not even true beekeepers. They transfer the bees into temporary boxes and drop the off with an actual beekeeper who then does the work of caring for them. We take a different approach.  Every rescue colony is brought back to one of our own apiaries where we personally care for them until they have recovered from the stress of the transfer. Once they are healthy they may remain in our apiary indefinitely or they might get adopted by one of our beekeeping students. 

Since we care deeply for the bees and will be tending them ourselves, we also make sure to remove them carefully. We preserve their comb and we make sure to transport established colonies after dark so foragers are not left behind. Sadly, many removal companies don’t follow these practices. They prioritize their own conviniences over the health of the bees. They throw away the comb and collect on the bees. They also will move colonies during the day which leaves half the bees behind, lost and confused, unable to survive without their queen.

Every bee removal is unique.

Prices are based on how long the bees have been established, how difficult they are to access and your location. Please contact us with this information to receive a free estimate for live honey bee removal.




Call or TEXT us at (619) 921-8189 for a quote.