You don’t have to join the mentorship to receive expert help. We make house calls all year! Whether you have a specific issue or just want to make sure you are on track with your colony, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for one-on-one mentoring. Available year-round.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule your appointment.


Examples of what Hilary can help you with:


  • Selecting the best location for bees on your property
  • Installing new packages of bees
  • Transferring wild colonies into proper bee boxes
  • Swarm catches
  • Troubleshooting problems with your colony
  • Honey Harvests
  • Routine Hive Inspections
  • Requeening
  • Africanized or aggressive colonies
  • Correcting cross comb
  • Making nucs or splits
  • Post Mortem Analysis (if you lost your colony)




8 Month Program | Starting February 2022

Join this year’s special online Beekeeping Mentorship Program taught by beekeeper extraordinaire and Girl Next Door Honey founder Hilary Kearney. Hilary’s unique beekeeping philosophy emphasizes an understanding of bee behavior and strives to put bees first. Her brand of natural and practical beekeeping techniques gives students the confidence and freedom to pursue more bee-friendly beekeeping styles.

Well established in the community, Hilary has colonies all over San Diego County and receives almost daily swarm calls in spring. So, whether you’re a brand new beekeeper or have a couple of years experience, this mentorship will propel you further into your beekeeping journey. You’ll learn in months what it takes others years to understand and come out of the program inspired and confident.

What thIs program Includes

  • 10 Live Online Beekeeping Classes 
  • Monthly Office Hours with Hilary
  • Paired Reading
  • Quizzes
  • Tasks
  • An exclusive Facebook Group
  • Email Support 

Happy Faces From the 2019 Program!