Read, listen and watch interviews with Girl Next Door Honey founder Hilary Kearney. From neighborhood newspapers to national public radio, Hilary’s beekeeping adventures never fail to entertain. 

Food Network – Head of the Table

Hilary was featured by Food Network in 2022 on the show Head of the Table. 

San Diego Union Tribune – National City Beekeeper is Part of a Global Mission

Hilary was interviewed by San Diego Union Tribune in 2022 about her bee rescue work.

Midday Edition – San Diego Beekeeper’s Books Are All the Buzz

Hilary was interviewed by Maureen Cavanaugh on Midday Edition in 2019 about her new books.

San Diego Union Tribune – World Bee Day 2019

For World Bee Day 2019 Hilary partnered with Good Neighbor Gardens and The San Diego Beekeeping Society to put on an educational bee day for kids.  

Garden America – Bee Talk

Hilary chats with Tiger Palafox, John Bagnasco, and Bryan Main about bees in this Garden America episode from December of 2018.  

NPR’s Marketplace – From the Cubicle to the Beehives 

Hilary tells the story of how she went from an office job to her own successful beekeeping business in this “My Economy” segment from Fall of 2018. 

Kitchn – Our 20 Favorite Women to Follow Right Now

Hilary’s Instagram account was listed as one of 20 favorites in this article by Ariel Knutson in September of 2018.  

VOGUE – How One Social Media-Savvy Beekeeper Is Changing the Face of Honey—and Saving Bees at the Same Time

Read about Hilary’s journey into beekeeping and her efforts to educate people about bees in this feature by Noor Brara from June of 2018.  

San Diego Magazine – On the Job: Meet Beekeeper Hilary Kearney 

Hilary’s career as a beekeeper is profiled in this local article by Sarah Pfledderer in May of 2018. 

Cabrillo National Monument – WW2 Bunker Bee Rescue

Hilary shares her experience rescuing bees from a historic WWII bunker at the Cabrillo National Monument in July 2017.

Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast

Hilary was interviewed by Margaret Schlachter about all things bees in this podcast episode February 2017.

Huffington Post

Watch this video about Hilary’s efforts to save bees as part of Rob Greenfield’s People Are Good series featured by Huffington Post in 2017. 

NBC Local News – Backyard Beekeeping Growing in San Diego

Hilary was interviewed by local anchorman Greg Bledsoe of NBC about the rising trend of backyard beekeeping in February 2017.

Flow Hive – Meet the Beekeeper

Hilary’s beekeeping student Janet Wilson shares the story of her poisoned beehives in this installment of Flow Hive’s Meet the Beekeeper from January 2017. With Hilary’s help she was able to save her colonies from collapse.

Kiwimana Podcast – Beekeeping Like a Girl

Hilary was interviewed by Gary for the Kiwimana beekeeping Podcast in July of 2016.

Thrillist – The 7 Coolest Jobs in San Diego

Hilary was featured as having one of the coolest jobs n San Diego and she definitely agrees.

San Diego Magazine – Secret San Diego

Girl Next Door Honey’s Beehive Tours and classes were listed among San Diego’s coolest secrets in their September 2015 issue.

Keeping Backyard Bees Podcast – Catch the Buzz

Hilary discusses swarms and more with Charlotte and Zach on the Backyard Bees Podcast in 2016. 

Flow Hive – Meet the Beekeeper 

Flow Hive filmmaker Mirabai Nicholson-Mckellar traveled all the way from Australia to make a short film about Hilary and her beekeeping philosophy in the summer of 2016.

San Diego Beekeeping Society – Swarm Panel 

Hilary joins Mark Huerta, Eric Robinson and Mark Kukuchek on a panel that discusses swarm catching techniques, africanized bees and several other related topics.

Close Up On San Diego Business – Girl Next Door Honey

Hilary chats with local radio show about her unique business in August 2015.

CBS News 8 San Diego – Woman Follows Her Heart to Save San Diego’s Bees

Reporter Jeff Zevley interviews Hilary and one of her Host a Hive participants about what it’s like to live with bees and why they are so important. June 2015.

CBS News 8 San Diego – Pesticides Threatening Bee Population

In the Earth 8 segment, Reporter Natasha Stenbock interviews Hilary about the world’s declining bee population and it’s link to backyard pesticides and pre-treated plants from commercial garden centers.

FOX 5 Morning News San Diego – Beekeeping Segment

In this news clip, reporter Heather Ford interviews Hilary about backyard beekeeping!

TV Commercial – SDG&E Green Team

Hilary and her bees are featured in this commercial of San Diego Gas & Electric’s ‘Green Team’.

San Diego Reader – Bees on the Brain

Siobhan Braun interviews Hilary about the early days of her beekeeping adventures in this April 2014 article.

Mise Magazine – The Girl Next Door

Cassandra Landry gives an amusing account of her afternoon with Hilary her bees, covering many fascinating details about both the bees and Hilary herself in this compelling December 2014 article.

Apis Cera – Beekeepers of the World

Hilary kicks off Apis Cera’s series on beekeepers around the world with this November 2013 interview.

Speak City Heights – Loosening Restricted Airspace for Backyard Bees

Hilary shares her experiences with then illegal backyard beekeeping under a pseudonym in this story about urban beekeeping for a Speak City Heights in December 2011.