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Mini beehive for solitary bees! This Solo Bee shelter provides a safe place for solitary bees to nest. It supports leafcutter, mason and resin bees. Each nesting block has ten holes of various sizes to attract different bee species from these groups. Solitary bees are gentle and will not sting! This is a great way to observe bees with children in the garden.

Material: Natural, untreated wood salvaged from Taylor Guitars. A serial number is stamped on each shelter so you can register your shelter with us if you wish.

How it Works: Mother bees will divide the nesting tunnels with chambers for raising their young. Each chamber contains pollen for the baby bee to eat. Species vary, but some babies hatch soon after the nest is established while others remain in the nest overwinter and emerge the following spring.

Directions: Simply set your bee shelter in the garden where plants often bloom. You can best support your bees by planting native pollinator plants near their nesting shelter. Be sure the nesting tunnels face east, so the morning sun will warm the nest. These nesting blocks have notches in the back for hanging. Affix them to fences, create your own mounting board or just set them somewhere.

Maintenance: Solitary bees require very little maintenance. We recommend that you purchase more than one nesting block so you can rotate them. This gives nesting bees a clean place to nest and helps prevent disease. Each spring set out a new, clean block next to the block from the previous spring. Loosely cover the front of the old nesting block with a piece of mesh. Let the mesh hang down to block new mothers from nesting, but leave it open on the sides so the emerging babies can come out. After the babies emerge you can clean out the nesting tunnels with a drill bit and use the block again. Repeat the following spring.

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