The Pollinator Popcorn Game


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This game was funded on Kickstarter. Click here to see the campaign!

Pollinator Popcorn is the game that teaches you how to recognize and admire the unsung heroes of our world: pollinators! Players choose between two card decks that will challege them to either identify a pollinator or answer a trivia question. Each right answer earns you a card. Make it to 12 and you win the game, but watch out— other players can steal from you! You'll also have the chance to gamble cards which could set you back or hand you the victory.
The game is absolutely packed with fascinating tidits and important information so, even when you lose— you win!  

Practical Information: This a tabletop card game for 2-4 players suitable for adults and children ages 7+.

What’s in the box?

– 1 deck of 78 identification cards

– 1 deck of 78 trivia cards (156 questions total)

– 1 instruction booklet

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About the expansion pack:

  • Adds 32 new cards
  • Includes a new card type (environmental cards) to enhance game play

Bring real-world scenarios to the age with all new environmental cards! When drawn, these cards affect all players. Environmental cards help or hurt players just as they would real pollinators.

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