Raw, local honey




Our honey is not available online or in any retail stores, but you can purchase it at many of our events. We like to think of this precious honey as a reward for learning something about bees. If you can’t make it to one of our tours or classes, but still would like to buy some honey, please contact us directly to see if any is in stock. We are currently only selling honey LOCALLY and it is not available to ship.

At this time, we are also experiencing a honey shortage due to the severity of the California drought and its effect on the bees.

If you are wanting to purchase honey as a way of supporting our bees, consider planting a pollinator garden or flowering tree instead. Our bees need flowers to make honey! We recommend the biggest trees your location can support and native, drought tolerant flowers. Our favorites include: California Poppies, Matilija Poppies, salvia, buckwheat, lilac, globe mallow and Lemon Queen Sunflowers. Our favorite bee trees are: willows, acacia, jacaranda, gum trees and NZ Christmas trees. For more information on planting for bees, click here.

If you would like to be notified when we have honey available, join our honey alert mailing list!