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To me, honey is so precious, I don’t even like to sell it. I think most consumers take for granted how much work goes into each jar. Not just the work of the bees, but the beekeeper, too! That’s why I normally only sell honey at educational events. I like people to earn the right to eat the honey first by learning something about the bees.

Sadly, this year’s events have been canceled due to Covid and we are not likely to resume them any time soon. For that reason, I have decided to do a secret online sale! If you are reading this, you follow me on Instagram where I hope you have learned tons about the magic of bees and so I feel you have earned the right to buy some honey.

This honey comes in an 8oz jar and is made by my bees in different neighborhoods throughout San Diego. The bees are treated with love and respect. The honey is raw (never heated) and minimally filtered. Some honey may be crystalized. This does not mean the honey has gone bad, it just has a different constitution! Naturally crystalized honey isn’t rock hard like grocery store honey, its texture is softer… sometime creamy sometimes a little crunchy—it’s perfect for spreading on toast. I recommend that you eat crystalized honey as is without attempting to melt it.

Local Pick-up: Please do not select the “San Diego Local Pick-up” option if you cannot commit to picking up your honey on the designated pick-up dates. Honey will be available for contactless pick-up Saturday 12/5 and Sunday 12/6 from 8AM – 4PM at 1638 L Ave. National City, CA 91950. 

Shipped To You: When you select the ‘Shipped To You’ option, the honey will be packed and shipped separately from other shop items so, the shipping fee is included in the price. If you are outside of the US please send an email inquiry and I will see if we are able to ship you a jar and what the cost is. 



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