Hi Everyone,


Thank you for coming to my Intro to Beekeeping class! Make sure you check out the handouts, click here.


For those of you who want to continue taking classes, the next class you should take is the Hands-on Hive Inspection Class. Click here to see upcoming date.


I also mentioned that I created an Amazon shopping list of items that I use and find useful, including my favorite bee suits, tools, books etc. You can find that list here. Please note, I have listed a couple of “fun” hives, but not the classic all medium Langstroth hive set up I use. That’s because I could not find anything suitable for that option for sale on Amazon. Most of the Langstroth hives available online come with plastic foundation. If you are going to use foundation, I recommend beeswax foundation locally from Knorr Candle Shop


 As I mentioned in class, my favorite ant-proof bee stand can be found here and the code to save 10% is “gndh”.


As a follow up to what you learned in class, I highly recommend you watch “Tales From the Hive”, a Nova Special on bees. Click here to watch for free online. You may also be interested in following me on Facebook or Instagram. I post lots of helpful tips, fun pictures and interesting articles. Also, my blog : Beekeeping Like A Girl.


If you feel like you could not quite absorb everything in class, you may like to purchase the online version. You can stream my online Intro to Beekeeping class any time and watch it over and over. It’s a great way to review what you’ve learned. You access the online class by clicking here.


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