AntCant – Ant Barrier Coating






Ants are a constant problem for some beekeepers! Especially those of us who live in areas with Argentine Ants. Many of the techniques for keeping ants out of our hives leads to unfortunate bee casualties, but now you can keep bees safe from ants without harming them! Ditch your sticky barriers, bee-drowning moats and damaging powders.

AntCant is a long-lasting, safe, pesticide-free solution to your ant problem. Just sprayit onto the legs of your hive stand and the ants cannot climb up! It has been formulated to create a surface to which ants cannot adhere and gain traction. When applied to an inclined surface the ants effectively slip off the surface and cannot cross the barrier.

Your stand must have legs with a smooth surface for the spray to adhere to, but don’t worry we include 5-10 feet of a two inch wide aluminum tape with your shipment free of charge. We recommend wrapping the aluminum tape around non-smooth surfaces prior to applying AntCant. This product will stay effective for months as long as the spray surface is not handled or compromised by grit or dirt. But, if it stops working— it’s easy to clean and reapply!

We love using this product in combination with DefyAnt beehive stands. Use the discount code “GNDH” to save 10%. Spray the underside of the moat deflector with AntCant and you will find that the coating last much longer because it is protected from debris. We have had success using this stand with only AntCant, but you can also fill the moats for extra protection.

This product has many other uses. It works on any smooth surface with an incline. Try it on: Pet food bowls, Trash cans, Hummingbird feeders, Compost stands, Fruit trees, Indoor/outdoor plants

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 2 in

Spray Bottle